Industrial Solutions

Silicone Rubber Tubing

Silicone rubber tubing is used in a variety of industrial applications, ranging from simple fluid carrying applications to very critical environments requiring specialized materials.

Industrial customers rely on the expertise Silicone Altimex developed in producing high performance, high quality tubing for the medical and biotech industries to develop the correct product for industrial applications. Having such stringent controls allows us to manufacture silicone rubber tubing for the most critical of applications including approved implantable materials.

Customers come to Silicone Altimex for:

  • Closed loop laser control and end elevation laser measuring to ensure tight tolerance
  • General purpose silicone tubing for everyday applications
  • Full colour matching service
  • Low Smoke Low Toxicity (LSLT) Tubing for critical applications such as underground transport systems
  • Steam resistant grades for autoclave seals
  • Electric insulating tubing and sleeving
  • Aerospace tube
  • Vacuum equipment
  • HVAC applications
  • Fluid transfer
  • Movie props
  • Composite assembly