Industrial Solutions

Dielectric Silicone Sleeving in Electricity

The use of silicone rubber for dielectric silicone sleeving within the electronics and power transmission market continues to grow. Silicone has always been the elastomer of choice due to its extremely versatile dielectric properties. In many cases, silicone rubber is replacing traditional insulating materials as it offers significant benefits in terms of both cost and performance.

From the street lights that illuminate our roads to the cables that power our homes, silicone provides the solution. With 25 years of experience supplying dielectric silicone sleeving to the corona treatment market, Silicone Altimex has the expertise to help customers choose the right material to meet the challenges of today’s HV market.

Typical applications:

  • Conductive rubber extrusions and gaskets for RFI Compliant Enclosures
  • Corona treatment sleeves for flexible film printing
  • Termination plug gaskets for cabling
  • Cable insulation grommets for wiring harnesses
  • Insulating silicone sleeving
  • Weatherproof gaskets